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Rostov Region

The Rostov Region is a Federal region located in the Southern federal District, Russia. The region shares its land and water border with Ukrainian regions such as Donetsk and Lugansk in the west and northwest. Rostov region, even though it is not amongst the largest territory in the country, it is one of the commercial centers in Russia. The easy and large volume availability of industrial, scientific and financial resources are the major contributing factors for making the region one of the most investor friendly region in the country.

Apart for the availability of resources, the Rostov Region administration is also committed to attract maximum Foreign Direct Investment in the region and contribute to the further development of the region.

Rostov region is a popular destination in Russia that attracts huge foreign investments for it has several competitive advantages over other regions in the country. The region has an array of sectors that has potential for foreign investments. Some of the most prominent industries that have caught the foreign investors’ eye are as follows:

Timber Industry:

Rostov Region has huge forest land area, which is spread around 375.1 hectares in the region. The forest area is a rich source for wide variety of natural resources. The forest area is covered with broad range of trees including Oak (45%) and Pine trees (21%). These trees have great commercial use. Foreign investors can invest in the forest sector of Rostov region and reap great returns.

Food Industry:

The food industry is one of the largest industries in the Rostov region. The region has vast potential for food production. The industry has immense potential for investing processing of diary products and meat. There is also profitable investment potential in production of beer, soft drinks, bakery products and canned fruits and vegetables.

Some of the advantages of investing in Rostov region are as follows:

  1. The geographic location of the region is one of the major advantages of investing in the region. The region acts as a gateway for trade with the Nations located on the close to Black sea and the countries in the Caspian and Mediterranean regions.
  2. The region has well laid out transport facility through out the region. The railways and roadways connect every nook and corner of the region. The region also boasts of both sea and river ports that facilitate easy sea transportation of goods from in and out of the region.
  3. The region has a one of the best industrial sector in the Russia. The production industry in the region uses cutting-edge technology produces goods of world-class quality.
  4. The region is rich in having a huge variety of raw materials and mineral resources. The region is best suited for investing in the processing industry, as there is no shortage of raw materials.
  5. Rostov Region has a huge number of technically skilled and highly educated workforce.
  6. The geopolitical environment in the region provides a conducive and favorable condition for foreign investment.
  7. Foreign investors can greatly benefit for the dynamic market structure of the region. The region has a huge market with a large consumer base.
  8. The legislative structure of the region adds color to the investment appeal of the region.
  9. The region has stable political and social situation.

Owing to these amazing benefits, investors investing in Rostov region are all set to gain tremendous returns from their investments.

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